Dennis Humble

Dennis Humble

Dennis Humble photograph

Dennis grew up in South East London/ North Kent area. Sport and speed were the things that motivated him. He served an apprenticeship in precision Metal work. Thanks to a couple of interesting Motor bike accidents changed his role to teaching people with Disabilities skills to gain work experiences. He developed to working in institutions where 1800 people lived in what was called "home". He studied the Management of Change and ended up working at region level in the Services. He realised the posts he had were more political than practical so brought a  converted coach and spent a few years driving to India and back, working in communities that needed a hand.

Since returning to Britain he has sort jobs that allows him to make a difference. This brought him to Ross in 1993 he was employed to help manage services for people with disabilities. His refreshing approach of being able to see people’s 'ability' to contribute soon had an affect on the service development.  Others shared this concept, which resulted in the development of EnviroAbility. 

Back in 2005 Dennis and the team were awarded the Beacon Prize for England, for his contribution to people with disabilities and the environment, sharing the stage with People like Sir David Rowe-Beddoe, Economic and Social Development Wales, and Professor Peter Guthrie for his contribution to humanitarian programmes worldwide.

Dennis has recently retired from being the General Manager of EnviroAbility and has accepted a seat on the board. He is also a board member of The Basement Youth Trust here in Ross.