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EnviroAbility is a charity and not-for-profit company, based in Herefordshire in the UK, with the primary aims and objectives to provide and promote projects which benefit disadvantaged groups of people, the community and the environment.

EnviroAbility is innovative; community focused and has been very successful in achieving its aims by utilising and adding value to existing resources in a refreshingly simple manner. Feel free to explore our site - just click or touch the logos on the left for more details of our projects.

Developing projects that benefit the community and the environment and which allow people’s abilities and ideas to grow – that’s EnviroAbility . . . . read more

EnviroAbility in the News

We all want to Spread Our Wings!

Weʼre raising £5,000 to give disabled people a chance to get out and about,so they can learn new skills and meet new people. We all want to Spread Our Wings! . . . read more

Published by EnviroAbility on 16th of September 2016

Tweety Treats team appeal for the community’s support

The team at EnviroAbility have launched a crowd funding website, to help their bird seed project, ‘Tweety Treats’ take flight. . . . read more

Published by The Ross Gazette on 2nd of September 2016

Turn your plastic milk bottle tops into funds for a local charity

Many people may not realise that their plastic milk bottle tops cannot be recycled with other plastics by Herefordshire Council, but they can be recycled and converted into funds for charities. . . . read more

Published by The Ross Gazette on 25th of August 2016

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